Boutiques, designers, and brick-and-mortar businesses are a major cultural institution. They’re a form of art.

Tiny Mutiny has 35 cumulative years of experience supporting small businesses, online and in every day operations. We’re great at getting businesses online, helping businesses navigate everyday operations challenges like credit cards and shipping rates and cut margins by shopping cloud services, helping businesses launch ecommerce sites, doing market research, establishing and manning social media accounts.

We can set you up with something brand new or look for ways to improve on what you’ve already got going.

We’re exacting geeks with the hearts of teachers.


A smattering of our mutinous ways

Web Design

Our designs speak the current language of the web: fully responsive for all devices, modern design sensibilities, intuitive interfaces. We chase beauty.


We offer Shopify and WooCommerce to our clients. Both platforms feature beautiful, intuitive experiences, easy updating, and secure payment processing.

Business Operations Consulting

Our consulting saves money and time for our clients, on brand, and on time. We don’t get paid by anyone but our clients. We are fiercely independent advocates.

Social Media Consulting

Forget huge advertising budgets; social media is how small businesses get the word out most effectively, in a way that is easily sustainable.


They whisper enviously of our exploits.

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