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It's so complicated

Every business, from the software megacorp to the ice cream shop, is online in some way. Have you realized there's no way around being on the internet? Want to boost social media engagement before you put out a record, a product or a gallery show? Want to get an independent assessment of your point of sale (POS), inventory shipping and credit card processing, that could save you $10,000 a year? Are you earlier in the process and do you want to talk about which ecommerce solution to use? Or curious about changing your POS system?

My name is Heather Reddy. I live and breathe ecommerce, market research, and innovations in user interface technology. In fact, I read the ecommerce news every morning with cereal. This admittedly weird hobby ensures I'm the trusted consultant of startups, enterprise, and even brick and mortar stores who just need help with networking. Your business has options to solve whatever problem brought you here. We'll do it quickly and with less hassle than you thought possible.

Services and Rates

  • ecommerce hosted, shopify expert
  • design/images
  • crowdfunding
  • social media
  • consulting about ecommerce
  • Poynter certified copy editor
  • market, product, and industry research
  • tech research
  • project management
  • search engine optimiation
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, Angular, PHP, Python
  • POS Systems
  • Credit card processing
  • domain research and brokering
  • testing, editing, responsive, accessibility
  • solving other small business networking needs, such as automation, wireless internet, privileges, email
  • sought after consultant in the luxury garment industry, with over five years experience.
  • Please inquire about rates for editing.

My clients include Journelle, Mordant Records, Sage and Sea Farms, Centaur Guitar, among dozens of others.



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